How do I exchange my tickets to a different performance date, time or seat location due to a date conflict, accessibility need, etc?

Ticket exchange requests should be emailed to info@fscjartistseries.org or brought in person to our office at the same address. Our office is located at the corner of State and Broad Streets, (FSCJ Administrative Offices). Hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 10am-5pm. Please write VOID in bold lettering across the entire ticket.

Ticket exchanges are only available when multiple performances of the same show are offered. Tickets must be received by us no later than three days before the date you wish to attend or the date printed on your tickets (whichever is earliest). If the difference in the cost of the new tickets is greater than the price of the original price, you will be charged the difference. If the price is less, an even exchange will be made. Please note: Exchanges may be limited, if available for Hamilton.

Exchange fees are as follows: VIP members - complimentary, Subscribers - $2.50 per ticket, all other ticket holders - $5.00 per ticket. Other restrictions may apply; please inquire.

Can I exchange my tickets at the theater?

No. Ticket exchange requests must be emailed to info@fscjartistseries.org or brought in person to our office at the same address. Our office is located at the corner of State and Broad Streets, (FSCJ Administrative Offices). Hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 10am-5pm. Please write VOID in bold lettering across the entire ticket. Ticket exchanges are only available when multiple performances of the same show are offered. Other restrictions may apply; please inquire.

I've lost my ticket to one of my scheduled performances. What can I do?

Please call FSCJ Artist Series at 904-632-5000 or email us at info@fscjartistseries.org as soon as you realize you have misplaced your ticket(s). We will confirm your seating and issue a seat location pass which you will pick up at the "Will Call" window at the theater within one (1) hour prior to the start of your performance. For security purposes, seat location passes will not be mailed nor can they be picked up in advance.

What is your child policy?

Everyone, including infants and toddlers, must have a theater ticket for admission. 

I've moved recently, how do I change my address?

Address changes can only be made by the account holder in writing. If you are relocating, please send an e-mail to info@fscjartistseries.org or a letter including your FSCJ Artist Series account number, your old and new address and telephone change (if applicable) to FSCJ Artist Series, 501 West State Street, Suite 109, Jacksonville, FL 32202, Attn: Box Office. Please note, we are not responsible for items not forwarded by the post office.

Due to an emergency, I missed my scheduled performance. What are my options?

We do understand that occasionally a serious illness, inclement weather or some other problem may have kept you from attending your scheduled performance. However, tickets are sold for specific dates, performance times and seat locations. No refunds will be offered for missed performances.

I would like to change my series seating. What do I need to do?

Changes to your series seating can be requested by mail, email or phone. If you are mailing or emailing in your renewal, please fill out the reverse side of your invoice to request your specific changes. If emailing, please be sure to scan both sides of the form. In order to be considered for an upgrade, you must renew your season account by the renewal deadline. Upgrades become available when other season ticket holders choose not to renew or change the day they attend. In fairness to everyone, all requests are filed in date-received order. We try to honor each request, however it is difficult to predict the availability of seat locations until the season renewal campaign is completed. The more flexible you are, the better the chance that we can fulfill your request. Once an upgrade request is fulfilled, it is impossible to get back your old locations, as the seats are used to upgrade someone else's request.

I can no longer attend the series, and would like to transfer my account to a friend. Is that possible?

The most important benefit of being a season ticket holder is your same-seat privilege. In fairness to other renewing season ticket holders, we do not accept account transfers. We are glad to set up a new account for your friend(s) in the best available seating for that performance. Please keep in mind that cancelled seats are used in the renewal upgrade process.

I am unable to attend this year, but would like to retain my seats for the following year. What can I do?

We require payment in full by the deadline in order to hold seats. After the deadline, seats are released without notice. Any returning season ticket holders would be considered as new accounts and seated with the best available locations at that time.

I have two residences and will not be in town for the beginning or end of the season, what are my options?

FSCJ Artist Series is in partnership with Broadway Across America which is now available in over 45 cities. We want you to enjoy a full season of Broadway. Please call the Broadway Across America at 800.520.2324 and ask about a special program to see if your secondary home city qualifies.

I have already seen one of the shows in my season what are my options if I don't want to see it again?

FSCJ Artist Series Broadway in Jacksonville offers a variety of the best that Broadway has to offer - including the newest productions and revivals of Broadway favorites. Occasionally, you may have a performance on your season that you have already seen and do not want to see again. You are purchasing a package, therefore we are unable to offer you a refund on those tickets, however you may consider giving your tickets to that performance to a friend or family member to enjoy. Please also keep in mind that many revivals have new directors, choreographers, and set, lighting and costume designers as well as different casts. We find that many subscribers enjoy seeing their favorite shows under different directors and creative staff.

I have been sharing my season account with friends; we would like to separate the seats into individual accounts so we can receive our own mailings. How would I do that?

Splitting season accounts can be done if the current account holder submits the request in writing to the FSCJ Artist Series before the renewal deadline. Complete address information on the parties' involved needs to be included with their payment. The original account holder must retain at least one series seat. Once new accounts have been created, only the new account holder can access their account. Please mail your request to FSCJ Artist Series, 501 West State Street, Suite 109, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Can I exchange my tickets for a specific show before they are mailed if I know in advance that I have a schedule conflict?

Tickets can be exchanged after all season renewal seating has been completed. For further information, please call the FSCJ Artist Series office at 904-632-5000 or email us at info@fscjartistseries.org.

Can the benefit of ordering priority tickets for added shows or extra tickets to season shows be extended to family and friends?

For security purposes, only the person whose name is on the account may access information or order additional tickets using that account number. We are happy to provide additional tickets to any FSCJ Artist Series show for your family and friends, but the request must come from the account holder. All tickets ordered will be mailed to the address on the account. No exceptions.

When will I receive my season tickets?

FSCJ Artist Series Broadway in Jacksonville Season ticket packages will be available for pick up at our Annual Season Kick Off Event (further information will be forwarded to you closer to the event). All tickets not picked up at the event will be mailed to the address on the account the following the event.

I would like to purchase a large number of tickets for my company event or charitable function, How do I do that?

Contact our group sales department online or by phone, Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm at 904-632-5050 or email groupsales@fscjartistseries.org.

What is the minimum number of tickets to qualify for a group discount?

Ten (10) is generally the minimum number of tickets for a group. Group minimums vary per show. Please contact Group Sales for more information.

How do I order group tickets?

We accept orders by phone, 904-632-5050, e-mail at groupsales@fscjartistseries.org, mail at FSCJ Artist Series Group Sales, 501 W. State St. Jacksonville, FL 32202 and fax 904-632-3266.

What information do I need to furnish to order group tickets?

We need your group or organization's name, contact person, mailing address and phone number for our group contract. We also need the show name, show date and time, number of seats and locations. For example:

FSCJ Artist Series Group Sales
501 West State St., Suite 109
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Show: Cabaret
Date: March 6th, 2019
Time: 8pm
49 Orchestra seats

How do we pay for group tickets?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is due when reserving the seats for a group order. If the group leader/contact person would like to send a check for the deposit, the FSCJ Artist Series Group Sales will hold their seats for 7 days, at which time, the seats will be released if the check is not received. The final payment is due within 30 days before the show date.

Am I committed to the full number of seats on the group contract?

You can adjust your ticket number either up or down before the final payment is due as long as you don't drop below the minimum group number of seats.

Can I return group tickets?

Once we receive your final payment and send your tickets, there are NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

How do I receive my group tickets?

We mail out tickets via U.S. mail to the address on the group contract once the final payment has been received.

How soon can I order tickets for my group?

We take orders as soon as our season is announced, up to one year in advance. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of a season subscription?

Season subscriptions, and all tickets and additional tickets purchased under any subscription, are subject to the FSCJ Artist Series standard season subscription Terms and Conditions posted on the website at www.fscjartistseries.org.  By purchasing a season subscription, you agree to such Terms and Conditions. We do not support the reselling of these tickets above face value through any means. Doing so will constitute a breach of these season subscription Terms and Conditions and account holders who violate this rule may be subject to revocation of their purchasing status and seats.

The FSCJ Artist Series is a member of the Broadway League and is the Professional Cultural Arts Presenting Arm of the Florida State College at Jacksonville. Copyright 2019 FSCJ Artist Series. All Rights Reserved. Jacksonville, FL. If you have trouble accessing this page and need to request an alternate format please contact the box office at (904)632-5000 or email info@fscjartistseries.org FSCJ Artist Series is not responsible for tickets purchased through third parties and will not be held responsible for or provide exchange or refund services for tickets purchased through third party sellers. In order to make sure our patrons receive the absolute best prices, we do reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we suspect is a third-party vendor, scalper, or ticket broker. Any tickets detected to be bot purchases, third-party vendors, scalpers, ticket brokers, patrons creating multiple accounts or any action that is in violation of our current ticket policies, may be cancelled without notice.