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2019-2020 54th Season

Field Trips

Each year students from public, private and home schools come to FSCJ Artist Series school performances held at the Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts and Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts during the school day to enjoy high quality, age-appropriate, and affordable productions.

Planning your field trip or student outing can be a lot of FUN!  Use the tools provided to assist you to learn more about the shows.

Basic steps to assist in planning your field trip:
  1. Call or email us to request a tentative reservation for a specific show
  2. Complete and return to us ASAP: School Performance Agreement Form
  3. Your reservation will be confirmed and your invoice with be emailed to you with including standard payment deadline (30 days prior to show date)
  4. Stay in contact with us throughout the process to ensure a successful flow of communication
  5. We will sent you a reminder email including study guide, directions, and any additional information for day of show

It's important to communicate:
  • Your payment and seating needs
  • Any drop in numbers or need for additional seats

Take advantage of the educational study guides and chat back and lectures opportunities when available, call for more details.

Follow us on Facebook: FSCJ Artist Series School Performances facebook fan page to learn about upcoming shows and student group opportunities

For more information please review the School Performance Field Trip Policy or call us at (904) 632-5050 or email.