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2022-2023 56th Season

Shanghai Circus

Shanghai Circus

In-theater School-time Show: All Ages - Limited to school groups, including homeschoolers.

Show Times and Tickets

Performances have been rescheduled to April 13 and 14. Ticket holders are being notified.

Grand Shanghai Circus: Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is a top performance troupe famous for delivering top performers with excellent skills, dare-devil acts and a harmonious combination of various kinds of performing arts.

Since 1998, Grand Shanghai Circus: Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai presented the most thrilling, daring, colorful and energetic show experiences and for decades have been recognized with numerous awards like BEST SHOW, BEST PRODUCTION.  

The show begins by honoring the essence of the old historic Shanghai Culture and transports you to current Shanghai through the dynamic artists’ dazzling performances which include mystifying acts of strength, colorful dance, breathtaking acrobatics mixed with many charismatic personalities.

PRICE: $8.50 per ticket

Grades: All Ages

Curriculum Connections: Fine Arts, Social Studies, Multi-Cultural, Music

Performance Length: 60 minutes

Everyone, including infants and toddlers, must have a ticket for admission.

Tickets go fast, hold a spot for your student group by requesting a reservation today.

Questions, call us at (904) 632-5050 or email us at

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